A Space with Character

IT’S FUNNY, I’VE NEVER LIKE THE IDEA of doing the decorating, but once I start, I end up really enjoying the process. I tend to get totally engrossed, as well as covered in sand-filler-dust, paint and wallpaper glue.

It’s the mess! I tend to only see mess as mess when I’m not used to the mess; if that makes sense.  Once I’ve allowed myself to get accustomed to it lying everywhere, mess transitions (in my mind anyway) into just a space with character…  Art if you will.

Art is a funny thing, take this image for instance. There I was covered in paint from decorating my seven year old daughters bed room, when she wanders in with her camera and a cheesy grin. Of course I did what any dad would do in such situation, hence the pose. Voilà! art out of mess. There’s always been an unspoken rule in our house about the correct behaviour, when caught in the crosshairs of a trained camera lens. In this media-savvy House Of iCha, there’s always some photography going on somewhere, and Photographer often quickly becomes the photographed in the twinkle of an eye. as I’m sure you can see from the pic. We’ll have no shying away from lenses round here; “lead by example” I’ve always taught the yooots.

Decorating, Gardening, Cooking, being photographed while taking care of business, AND being a full-time dad is all part and parcel of The Life And Times of a MultipleMediaManager™.  In truth, anything that gets me away from the constant glow of a 27inch iMac editing screen for more than a hot second, can’t all be bad: “Oy! BlakMadge™; pass the roller!…”

[you can catch up with #LifeAndTimesOfaMMM by clicking the link, or by following me on Instagram under maexhair]


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