JetBlakInk™ Tableau 36: Vested Interests

06. Vested InterestsjbiTABLEAU36 IS AN INTERESTING IDEA that has developed, quite organically in the 345 days since I signed up to the social networking site Instagram. It is an idea that has quickly morphed all by itself, into a way of building upon the famous saying; “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

Building upon this saying has been made possible by the way the Instagram feed is displayed, where each one thousand word chunk (single picture) is arranged as you upload each day, into a whole grid of single pictures.

These single images, when viewed as a grid of images, then take on the likeness of sections or chapters of thousands of words; quite literally an open book.

With my MultipleMediaManager’s graphic designer hat on, I decided to snapshot a grid of 12 images on my Instagram feed: #maexhair; 12 images that I thought worked particularly well together. My thinking was to use that grid of 12 as a desktop image for my operations mac, in my home office that I affectionately call: The SkyLab.  However, one snapshot wasn’t enough; 12 images would only fill one third of the huge 27inch iMac desktop screen that I use. Time to get more images I thought to myself. Two more screen grabs later, and I had a full 36; Tableau 36!
maexhair Tableu 36
Some of the images had to be rearranged on the Tableau using PhotoShop, and switched into the more pleasing locations on the 36 grid, as they either clashed with adjacent images, didn’t complement in the story, relative positions, or they were simply facing the wrong way on the spread [designers will know what I mean]. As you can see from the images in the Tableau36, I try to cover a wide range of styles with my photography, and I love alternating between colour and monochrome with my feed. This is my way of expressing that, to me, each mode and style of photography, is as important, and interesting as the next!…

maexhair Tableu 36bWarning: Instagram gurus advise against mixing styles on your feed! They recommend that you keep your feed focused on just one main style, in order to attract and maximise regular followers of that style, which in turn will increase the number of “likes” on your page.  As a MultipleMediaManager™, I get bored really easily if I try to stick to one mode or style for any length of time.  I’m of the mindset that my feed is for me, and I’ll use it to express myself to the FULL, not just to attract “likes”!…  Each to their own I say!

To me, my images are like my own children, they were conceived from a tiny sparkle in the jet blackness at the centre of my eye; and as JetBlakInk™ TheMotherOfAllColour©, I love them all equally; I can’t afford to play favourites…


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