Do What You Love

01. maexhairLIFE IS SHORT AND THEN YOU DIE: I used to repeat this mantra everyday to help sift through the lorry-loads of nonsense, and pseudo important stuff taking up valuable space and time in my life. This would enable me to then give one hundred percent focus and attention to what was really important to me; ME!

It seems really odd when you consider the fact that most human beings quantify “normal life”, as an existence where one literally spends the vast majority of our stay here on planet Earth, living that one life for benefit of other people.

When I first started JetBlakInk™ back in 1991, it was a part-time Design Service. I was heavily into; reggae music, imagery, and typography back then, and so naturally I merged the three loves of my life, and the result was: “Dance flyers!”  This little Service slowly grew into designing other stuff; calendars, food packaging, magazines, and assorted print-material for a steady growing client base.

One thing led to another, and then I was suddenly made redundant — FOR THE FOURTH TIME — from my well paying day job. It was only then, that I realised what the Big Man upstairs had been trying to tell me all along: that I should stop trying to fit in, and get on with doing what I love, and doing it FULL TIME. So that’s exactly what I did. It’s been a tough journey, and a fast changing landscape, particularly digital media. 05. Do What You Love

The the internet exploded into mainstream life in the late 90’s, and all the print design started shifting to online. Small local print firms were going out of business, as the whole process of printing suddenly changed. No longer where hard drives being “courier biked” over to print bureaus up in the City, as design firms began sending files via fast phone lines to mega printers with tiny overheads located in the middle of nowhere.

PDF’s were the new thing now, and in my opinion that was a watershed moment. PDF’s helped to signal in the beginning of the end of the fierce Mac v PC media war of the time [remember that?], and even though Macs won in the consumer market, they actually lost in the corporate world as, thanks to inter-platform PDFs, many design departments now began switching to using cheaper PCs.

By 2007, the start of a brave new world, the dawn of a spanking new era was in full swing; the era of the MultipleMediaManager™ had begun. Redundancy can sometimes be a blessing, and in my case(s) it definitely was.  At the time it didn’t feel like a blessing though, because the day I was selected for redundancy, I remember being was marched off company premises like a criminal, flanked by TWO security guard, while carrying what little possessions I had in a cardboard box, as my colleagues watched in absolute disbelief and silence. It was an exact repeat of that infamous scene from the movie: Jerry Maguire!… “Who’s coming with me?… No one?… Streeeeuuups!…”

Looking back though, circumstance was literally yelling at me: “DO WHAT YOU LOVE BRO” The rest, as they say is history… [smile]


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