Life And Times Of a MultipleMediaManager™

04. maexhairTODAY I’VE DECIDED to revisit my beloved blog. I’ve spend the best part of two years away, focusing, and improving other areas of my online MultipleMediaManagement™ presence, and it’s time I came back to the qwertying thing. Apologies for my absence.

One problem with taking on various forms of media, is that I find myself stretched very thinly on some days; there’s only one of me, and I in truth, I need to clone myself at least three times.  However, until that kind of technology is developed, and has been thoroughly Beta tested, and becomes safe and affordable, like drones have become to the masses, I’m stuck revolving between the discreet creative disciplines (and of course roping in my sons to do filming and other ancillary tasks).

So here’s my plan going forward: We all know that imagery is important; some would say it’s everything. At JetBlakInk™ we are known for producing, capturing, creating original content using imagery. This is usually done at an event, commercial, or sometimes a corporate level.  However, the vogue at the moment is media on the “Micro” scale; short burst of easily digestible content for everyone; YAAAYE!.

Some of you might be aware that I’ve recently started the MicroWebSeries Life And Times Of a MultipeMediaManager™ on YouTube, in the hopes of engaging this new trend of sharing original content; please do check it out. So now it’s time to replicate something similar here on WordPress.  Hold on tight, keep your eyes open, and prepare yourselves for a regular burst of micro uploads from yours truly #maexhair, complete with a short breakdown of what is what in the world of MultpleMedia; you know how we do… (smile)




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